Creating Maps (geo charts)

Dataseed currently supports two regions:  

1. Countries of the world   (ISO3166 alpha-2, ISO3166 alpha-3, ISO3166 numeric, ISO3166 name) 

2. Local authority districts of the UK.  (ONS, GSS, Unit ID, Name)


For more information about the format codes check out:

More regions are coming soon, send us an email to request a region.


Steps to create a map

1. You can tell Dataseed that your spreadsheet contains geographic data by using a special column header.

Configure your spreadsheet geo code header to one of the following depending on the supported formats.



    • geo_uk_ons
    • geo_uk_gss
    • geo_uk_unitid
    • geo_uk_name

For example if you are using ISO3166 alpha-3 code to create a map of the world, the column header would be geo_ISO3166_alpha3.

See image:


2. Import your spreadsheet to dataseed.


3. Visualise your dataset. Dataseed should automatically select geo chart (map) for dimensions based on their column header in the spreadsheet.

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